5 Artists Who Hark Back to Childhood

Here is the collection of paintings which can take us to that time at least for a moment.

Children's carelessness from Donald Zolan. Illustrations of Donald James Zolan take the viewer in a happy world full of joy, light and genuine children's emotions. Such pictures could be written only by a very good and positive artist.

Sunny childhood in the paintings of Alexei Slusar. The artist began to draw in early age. In 1998 he moved to Prague, and since then the capital of the Czech Republic become his love. Under the influence of the beauty of urban architecture, he began his career as an artist. His paintings are devoted to childhood, permeated with sunlight and remind us of the simple pleasures.

Holidays in the countryside by Robert Duncan. American artist Robert Duncan began to draw at the age of 11 years. Spending the summer at the ranch with grandparents in Wyoming, he was watching the simple rural way of life. The first drawing lessons the artist got from his grandmother. At the ranch, Robert fell in love with country life and wide open spaces.

Childhood on the coast by Alexander Averin. What could be better than summer spent on the banks of a river or sea? Of course, nothing! And this is absolutely seen on the paintings of Alexander, which have no shade of gloom, but only peace and joy - only the beach, the beautiful summer sun and carefree children playing on the coast.

Home comfort in the paintings of Jim Daly. American artist Jim Daly began to paint when he was about 12 years old. Now his work is represented in the collections of museums and many private exhibitions. Artist is sure that at times our lives are filled with too much of sadness, so this kind of pictures is very essential for everybody.