Bhaktapur – a Place of Ancient Civilization in the Modern World

At the same time, it looks like a village, as locals are mainly engaged in agriculture and crafts - just like in medieval times. The combination of the amazing examples of architecture and quiet measured life impresses the tourists greatly. In Bhaktapur the movement of vehicles is prohibited, so the locals and travelers move exclusively on foot, enjoying the amazing clean air.

The town is surrounded by rice fields of farmers who cultivate them. There are no hotels - instead they offer tourists to move into comfortable guest houses. There are not many restaurants in Bhaktapur, but the prices are more than acceptable. On the streets of the city artisans make clay pots, carpets, fabrics, and women wash clothes; chickens walk through the medieval streets; the locals wear traditional clothes - the time seems to have stopped in the XVI century. The city resembles an open air museum, which is sure to be viewed from all sides.

In Bhaktapur there are many monuments under state protection. Some of them remained in their original form, others have been renovated under the “Bhaktapur Development Project”, funded by Germany. Either way, these magnificent examples of ancient architecture arouse admiration.