Ecuador - Exotic and Varied Country

Covering all types of recreation in one journey is very difficult, so you need to think of a special tour for yourself in Ecuador that will help you to get to know the country and satisfy your curiosity on the main features of life of the population, structure of the state; visit the most famous sights, and enjoy the most favorite type of holiday.

Individual tours in Ecuador include the preparation and development of travel routes, choice of hotels, booking air tickets, providing transfer, services of guides and interpreters, excursions. Individual tours do not impose any programs, place of stay and food. You can travel by any means of transport, change the program, and unexpectedly visit any landmarks, with individual tour, nothing is impossible. If you want to visit a neighboring country or to change the date of departure, all is in your hands.

What are the “must see” places in Ecuador? Visit cultural and entertainment center of Ciudad Mitad del Mundo near the capital of Ecuador Quito, visit Sunday art market in the capital, take scuba diving in the Galapagos, ride on the rail route Ibarra - San Lorenzo, and much more which is offered by the individual program.