Golden Square of Modernism In Barcelona

Lovers of the unusual architectural decisions, beautiful facades, balconies, screens and roofs should definitely stroll in this area. Anywhere else you will not get the better understanding of the Catalan modernism and eclecticism. Wander slowly, enter the cafes and plenty of shops. It is fair to say that this district is considered one of the most fashionable areas of the city.

In this district there are the famous masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi - La Pedrera and Casa Batllo. At the intersection of Rambla Catalunya and Diagonal there is the Casa Serra, an unusual and beautiful building in a style reminiscent of the Renaissance.

On the diagonal there is a huge hexagonal Casa Terradas or as it is called Casa de les Punxes. The walls of the house are decorated with inlays of fine stone carvings. The front of the house facing the Roussel Street is decorated with panels depicting St. George - the patron saint of Catalonia, who saved it from the dragon with a call to return Catalans their freedom.

A few steps from Terradas, on the other side of the diagonal there is Palau del baro de Quadras with St. George on the neo-Gothic front. At the intersection of the street Valencia with the street Bailen there is Casa Llopis Bofill constructed in 1902 - an interesting example of chamfered corners design of the Eixample district.