Happy Childhood in Winter Village

Especially beautiful is winter in the village, the trees is snow look like apple trees in blossom. And just somewhere there are places with red rowan clusters seen from under the snow. Highway is not covered with a white carpet, and it seems that a road is winding like a black snake between buildings in white caps. People leave their footprints like chains that intertwine together. With joyful sounds children slide down the hills on sleds: they have fun even if it is frosty. Snow sparkles in the sun, shimmers and shines.

Photographer Elena Shumilova - the mother of two amicable and nimble boys – created a photo project about life in the village in winter. She shares the beauty of nature and the peaceful pastime of the main characters of the photo shoot – her children and their pets. Here is a chance to watch the winter wilderness through the camera lens of a good photographer.