Interesting European Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are perhaps the only place where both children and adults have lots of fun, regardless of age, sex and social status. The best amusement parks in several European countries gather millions of visitors that travel every year. Here are the most famous amusement parks in Europe, which you shouldn’t miss in any case.

Europa-Park in Rust (Germany) is not only entertaining, but also educational destination. Consisting of 11 parts the park offers visitors to explore different countries and their attractions. Lots of artists from around the world work in this park.

Excursion to the human body in the Netherlands, will certainly impress adults and children. The real feeling that you're inside a huge man is simply unforgettable and it raises strong interest to biology and medicine.

Legoland in German Günzburg is created to help adults with children to realize all their creative ideas. Together you can build a city and country of Lego or create unseen animals. It is a very fascinating park - rides, performances, and shows do not leave anyone indifferent.

Gardaland is the largest amusement park in Italy. This park offers entertainment for all - adults and children, and elderly people with different temperaments and preferences.

Asteriks Park near Paris is a good competitor to a famous Disneyland. In this fun park most of the attractions are water slides and rides.