Montenegro - a Country with a Pure Climate for Your Memorable Holiday

The great advantage of recreation in Montenegro is considered to be relatively low price for the tours. Those wishing to relax in this friendly and beautiful country several times a year maybe even need to buy real estate in Montenegro.

Lovers of relaxation at the seaside will be surprised by the cleanliness and tidiness of the coastal line in the country. For beach lovers there are coast to choose: with fine sand and pebbles. Proponents of shopping will also be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of unique products at very competitive prices, sold in convenience supermarkets, shopping malls, as well as in small shops and bazaars.

In Montenegro, there are 3 dominating gastronomic orientation: local classic, Italian and fish. It should immediately be noted that all meals served in cafes and restaurants are large, so for a very reasonable price you can always have good and hearty meal. The local drinks are tart Montenegrin wine “Vranac” and “Krstac”. For lovers of drinks with a high degree of alcohol there is a perfect “Raki” vodka made out of selected grapes.

Adriatic coast, of course, is not a center for diving, but the underwater world of Montenegro would be interesting for fans of diving. Apart from the reefs and coral that can be seen on other popular diving resorts on the seabed of Montenegro you will be able to contemplate many relics resting there since the Second World War. Submarines and warships surprise with their grandeur even the most experienced divers.

To look around the huge amount of sights of this small country, you can rent a car and drive around. The hallmark of the country is the island of St. Stephen - the village with dazzling and fascinating history. Previously, the site was an ordinary fishing village, but now it is considered an elite ensemble hotel, located 9 km from the town of Budva. Another delightful site of Montenegro is Lake Skadar, where you can see real pelicans. There are small and acting monasteries.