Must See Attraction in Shiraz

A few people see Iran as a tourist destination, but there is a unique tomb Shah Cheragh - a place of mass pilgrimage of Muslims and a “must see” tourist attraction.

Shiraz, a city in Iran, was founded in the VII century on the crossroads of major caravan routes in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This town has become a real cultural center in the XIII and XIV centuries after the capture of Persian Sassanids by Arab armies.

The main attraction in Shiraz is mosque-mausoleum of Ahmad and Muhammad brothers, founded in the XIV century as the tomb. For Muslims, especially great number of Shiites, this place became the main pilgrimage location in the middle of the XIV century.

“Shah Cheragh” is translated as “the prince of light”. Now this is one of the most significant buildings in Shiraz and the most famous and beautiful attraction of the city. The mausoleum is included in the list of cultural heritage of Iran and officially is recognized as the most important historical monument.

The mausoleum has undergone several reconstructions. As a result of the earthquake in 1588 the it was badly damaged, after which it was restored. In 1852, an earthquake caused the second damage to the mausoleum - this time the restoration took about hundred years. Last reconstruction of the building was done in 1958.

Shah Cherah is popular not only among Muslims but also among ordinary tourists. Its interior can impress anyone, though from the outside the building looks quite usual for the city. The walls are decorated with traditional mosaics, which are perfectly combined with typical architectural style of Shiraz. The building is two-storey, but still looks squatty. The corners are emphasized by two harmonious mausoleum minarets, and the entire front part of the building is executed in the form of a large veranda. Its roof is supported by tens of wooden pillars. In the center of the building there is a dome, which is completely covered with mirrors, tiles and stained glass. Due to this fact the people call it “Mirror mosque”. Shah Cheragh is truly impressive, incredibly beautiful and bright building.