Old Town Square in Prague

If you want to see the old center of Prague and embrace the spirit of the medieval history of the country, then you definitely need to visit the Old Town Square. Back in the 12th century, this area attracted a lot of traders, artisans and craftsmen, who were good professionals. They gathered there arriving from different countries to surprise everyone with their wares and skills.

The right time to go to the square is Christmas. Everything is decorated with small lights; there is a Fair, where you can taste Czech sausages and mulled wine, and buy a couple of lovely souvenirs. The festive mood prevails in every corner. Such a pleasure is just hard to refuse.

The area is packed with architectural masterpieces. Here you can find the structure of the following architectural styles: rococo, baroque, renaissance, gothic, classicism and, finally, the avant-garde.

Old Town Hall is one of the main architectural treasures of the area built in the 13th century. Tyn Church is one of the most beautiful sacral buildings in Prague, which is located on the square. The photos of Old Town Square should appear in your album.